“Having Steve at our Beets, Beats and Eats Market in Ortonville last year was a blessing.  His art is beautiful, bright and easily appreciated by everyone.  People young and old were drawn to it, pointing out the many details within each piece.  His message of hope to help the boys in Jamaica was an inspiration to the other artists in the market, as well as the community of Ortonville.  Koz’s Fun Fish is an auspicious symbol of heart and help for the greater good.  I am proud to call him my friend”. Pam Belding

“Koz’s Fun Fish are GREAT!”

“Art is supposed to make the viewer feel something.  The artwork created by Koz makes me feel happy, and it makes me want to visit the magical place in the sea where these colorful, whimsical fish swim.  As an artist, Koz’s use of color and his technical skills really bring his favorite subject to life.  Koz’s Fun Fish are a delightful addition to any art collection” – Denise Scripter, Artist

“Hello, Koz, Annette and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the paintings that we have gotten from you.  Their vibrant colors and Caribbean themes have added light and happiness up here in northern Minnesota.  I know that our sled dog business seems a long way from Jamaica, but the series of incidents that brought us together has brightened our home.  Continue on with your painting; because now I will need to brighten up my shop while I am out making sled dog equipment.  Thanks again,” – Rick & Annette Johnson, Ah-Regah Kennel & Equipment, Mahtowa, MN

“I have known Koz for about 22 years and have been amazed and impressed by the multiple talents and abilities he has in so many different areas.  I truly don’t think that there is anything he can’t do once he puts his mind to the task.  His artistic talents have always been quite evident.  From the very first time he put his brush to canvas, I could see the talent emerging and growing with each new painting he has completed.  His imagination is endless.  His paintings are bright, rich and full of color.  His future looks as bright as his paintings.

Koz’s commitment and dedication to raising funds for the Swift-Purscell Boys’ Home is without equal.  He set a goal when he decided to help and has inspired a number of his friends and acquaintances to assist him with this endeavor.  The goal has almost been reached but the commitment doesn’t end there.  I believe that this is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to helping those who are less fortunate. – Dave Hartzler